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Want To Be Like This Invisalign Dentist?

Before I worked with you I did 4 cases that year (2015)

Last year (2017) I did about 180 cases. For the month of April… with being gone for almost 2 weeks, we are going to sign up around 20 cases. My numbers fluctuate in the last few months between 12-20, hoping to be at a solid 30/month by June, tracking for 300 this year

Oleg Shvartsur, DDS

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An Invisalign Marketing System That Works

Internal Marketing

  • Increased production
  • Trust building
  • Systematic processes
  • Increased treatment acceptance
  • More fun

Dr David Eshom

External Marketing

  • A website that positions you as the “go-to” Invisalign dentist
  • Targeted content for each buyer persona
  • Use video to increase authority and engagement
  • Landing pages to drive maximum conversions
  • Multi-channel digital marketing specific to your area.

Mike Pedersen

Go From 1-2 Invisalign Cases A Month To 10, 20 Or More

The average Invisalign production we hear when talking with dentists is 1-2 cases a month. This gets us very excited as we know we can get any dentist to 5,10 or more Invisalign cases a month very quickly. What would that do for your practice revenues? How about your family and future? When you implement our Invisalign Marketing System you’ll soon find your time investment per case will drop dramatically which in a sense makes your hourly rate sky rocket. One of our clients has calculated an hourly rate of $1,000 per hour for each Invisalign case he takes on. That’s more than a high-powered attorney in New York!

Becoming the “go-to” Invisalign producer in your area will soon become a reality.

invisalign dentist with patient